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 Pokemon Ranger Manaphy code

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The Blue Mew
The Blue Mew

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PostSubject: Pokemon Ranger Manaphy code   Wed Jun 06, 2007 4:13 pm

After beating game go to ranger net click on it and it will show do a special mission press r and x at the same time and also hold down left on the cross do this and you should see enter the password touch the touch screen and it should save after the games saves tap the screen and it should say enter the password when you click on this it will say enter the password put this in P8M2-9D6F-43H7 youll see special mission turn off the game once it saves. go to the menu and says rescure the egg on the net now play the mission get the egg transfer it to diamond or pearl and talk to a man at the poke center and he willl give you the egg.
If you have any questions just pm me.

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Pokemon Ranger Manaphy code
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