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 Reeve's H/W list...

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Reeve's H/W list... Empty
PostSubject: Reeve's H/W list...   Reeve's H/W list... Icon_minitimeWed Jun 13, 2007 9:19 pm

Every single Pokemon from the past 3 generations, I have all the 5 GBA versions so that's not a problem

Elekid (Ice punch, fire punch, cross chop)
Great marsh pokemon (such as Skorupi, Carnivine and Croagunk)
All fossils

2X lvl 100 Sassy Rhyperior, GTS transfered, not sure if EV trained
lvl 30 EV trained (atk and sp atk) Electivire


Brave lvl 63 Raikou (used a little in Colosseum)
Lonely lvl 63 Entei (same)
Gentle lvl 63 Suicune (same)
Calm lvl 40 untouched Registeel
Rash lvl 40 untouched Regirock
Modest lvl 40 untouched Regice
Naughty lvl 50 untouched Articuno (XD Gale of Darkness)
Hasty lvl 50 untouched Zapdos (XD Gale of Darkness)
Relaxed lvl 50 untouched Moltres (XD Gale of Darkness)
Timid lvl 70 untouched Mewtwo
Lax lvl 5 untouched Jirachi (with its original Salac berry and WISHMKR OT)
Bashful lvl 70 untouched Ho-oh (Colosseum)
Adamant lvl 50 untouched Lugia (XD Gale of Darkness)
Quiet lvl 53 Kyogre
Brave lvl 45 untouched Groudon
Docile lvl 30 Deoxys (Nintendo Event)
Impish lvl 42 Latias (used a little)
Careful lvl 70 untouched Rayquaza
Sassy lvl 25 Phione

All of them legit, can be and will be cloned if i'm asked to do it or if I have several offers and u don't mind

lvl 6 untouched Whismur (legit, have clones)
lvl 3 untouched Lotad (legit, have clones)
lvl 36 untouched Zubat (legit)
lvl 8 untouched Magikarp (legit)
lvl 100 EV trained Flygon (legit, have clones)
lvl 50 untouched Ditto (legit, have clones)
lvl 100 EV trained Latios (not legit, have clones)
lvl 20 untouched Milotic (not legit, have clones)
lvl 19 Dratini (legit)
lvl 15 untouched Numel (legit)
lvl 4 untouched MALE Ralts (legit, have clones)
lvl 20 untouched Mew (has a weird japanese nickname, seems non legit)
lvl 3 untouched Poochyena (legit)
lvl 13 untouched Oddish (legit)
lvl 16 untouched Lunatone (legit)
lvl 16 untouched Swablu (legit, I gotta say that's an interesting yellow)
lvl 27 untouched Absol (legit)
lvl 27 untouched Marill (legit)
lvl 100 untouched Rhyperior (GTS, will take a lot to trade it)

Shinies WON'T BE CLONED unless you specifically ask me to do so. I will give the original and unique ones, will ask for less thing if i give u the clone...

From No. 1 to No. 50... Yes people, including Earthquake...

Ask for items...

WANTS (can be cloned, but if not legit please tell me):
Any Event PKMN (untouched is better)
Untouched Entei
Untouched Suicune
Untouched Kyogre
Untouched Palkia
EV trained Pokemon
Draco plate
Insect plate
Iron plate
Zap plate
Choice scarf
Choice specs
Wide lens
Wise glasses
Zoom lens
Dawn stone
Dubious disc
Dusk stone
Razor claw
Razor fang
Reaper Cloth
Shiny stone
TM 51 Roost
TM 53 Energy Ball
TM 55 Brine
TM 57 Charge Beam
TM 59 Dragon Pulse
TM 60 Drain Punch
TM 65 Shadow Claw
TM 68 Giga Impact
TM 69 Rock Polish
TM 71 Stone Edge
TM 72 Avalanche
TM 76 Stealth Rock
TM 79 Dark Pulse
TM 80 Rock Slide
TM 84 Poison Jab
TM 86 Grass Knot
TM 89 U-Turn
TM 91 Flash Cannon
TM 92 Trick Room
(Actually I do need all of the TM's above No. 50)

So there u go Very Happy hope u find something interesting here...
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The Blue Mew
The Blue Mew

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Reeve's H/W list... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Reeve's H/W list...   Reeve's H/W list... Icon_minitimeWed Jun 13, 2007 10:15 pm

Cml For Your Shinies
My list will be easy to spot

Reeve's H/W list... Bspsonicevogifce9
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Reeve's H/W list...
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